U.S. Assembled CX-50 Exports to Mexico

March 20th, 2023 by

The U.S. assembled CX-50 (assembled at Mazda Toyota Manufacturing in Huntsville, Alabama) has begun its export to Mexico. Both Mazda and Toyota invested $2.3 billion into this joint venture plant. This plan will employ up to 4,000 workers and assemble up to 300,000 vehicles. On top of this, 2,000 Team One members (meaning on-site, near-site, everyone) will also be employed by MTM supplier partners.

2023 Mazda

Mazda is celebrating 18 years of operation in Mexico this year! Mazda de Mexico has been an important market for Mazda corporation and Mazda North America.

“We are eager for the arrival of Mazda CX-50 to¬†Mexico. Customers had asked for it so, as always, we listened and integrated this exciting new product that gives a new face to Mazda, now much more robust but maintaining the sophistication of this seventh generation” “Mazda CX-50 arrives not only to complement our product lineup, but also to reinforce the idea that in Mazda we always want to give options to all our customers, under the best quality standards.” (Miguel Barbeyto, president of Mazda de Mexico)

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