How to Connect Your Phone to Apple CarPlay in Your Mazda | Smail Mazda

September 24th, 2020 by

Apple CarPlay allows you to use and manage basic phone functions hands-free through the infotainment display in the vehicle. To launch Apple CarPlay, simply connect your phone via a USB cable and allow the vehicle access to the phone. Be sure to use a supported USB cord so that the vehicle can access the media in your phone.

Apple CarPlay can perform many of the same functions as an iPhone, such as give turn-by-turn directions, make calls, send and receive text messages, and play music, podcasts or audiobooks.

Apple CarPlay can be controlled and accessed through the vehicles infotainment screen. Siri Voice Control with Apple CarPlay is designed specifically for driving scenarios for calling, texting, and accessing other apps.

Siri can read, reply to, and send text messages for you so that you never have to pick up your phone. You can tell Siri who you want to text and what the text will say and she will compose and send the message for you. You can also tell her where you want to go and a route will be calculated.

Apple CarPlay allows access to your music library and other supported apps like Spotify, Audible, MLB At Bat, and Waze.

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